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 Growing healthy plants begins with healthy soil.

One of the best ways to create healthy soil is by adding compost and earthworm castings. 

At Northern Lakes Organics, you can purchase our worm castings or you can produce your own healthy soil amendment by composting at home.  

Composting reduces the amount of waste going to landfills, reduces your garbage bill and at the same time, produces an organic soil amendment your plants and soil need to be healthy.  

You can make your own organic compost by recycling your kitchen, lawn and garden waste with our selection of backyard compost bins and compost tumblers.   Or, with our worm composting bins and composting worms, let the worms do the work and award you with their castings.

Another great way to improve the health and vigor of your plants and soil is with SoilSoup.  Soilsoup is a liquid compost made by brewing Worm Castings and Worm Compost in water along with a nutrient blend food source.  The brewing process activates dormant microbes in the compost/castings and increases them substantially.  A thin layer of SoilSoup from a watering can is equivalent to covering the entire treatment area with a high quality compost that is 2-3” thick!


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Composting BinsComposting Bins Coconut CoirCoconut CoirA great bedding material for worm composting bins and can replace peat moss in potting mixes