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Worm Casting Tea Kits

Our earthworm castings are a safe, all natural organic fertilizer and soil amendment that improves plant and soil vitality by providing essential plant nutrients, beneficial bacteria and microbes.

By using our Worm Casting Tea Kit, you can release the nutrients and beneficial bacteria from the worm castings to create an invigorating, water-based solution that can be sprayed directly on plant foliage or used as a soil drench.

Casting tea can help suppress plant diseases, repel insects and provide immediate nutrition to plants and lawns.   Casting tea can also be used to enhance seed germination and improve seedling growth.
15 lb Earthworm Casting Tea Kit

15 lb Earthworm Casting Tea Kit

This Tea Kit includes a 15 lb bag of our Worm Castings, 2 reusable brewing pouches and brewing instructions.  Kit makes approximately 70 gallons of Worm Casting Tea.